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On Sunday I visited Cala Sarraina, a small, easily accessible bay between Costa Paradiso and Vignola on the north coast. Although I programmed the adress into Google maps, it was signposted all the way from the main road and easy to find. Parking as free. cala sarraina


Like most beaches in August in Sardinia, it was busy. Peddalos and sun loungers were available to hire but unfortunately there was a strong maestrale wind make it a bit wavy, the water was quite shallow for the children and if there had been no wind it would have been ideal. Also the sand is not suitable for sand castle making as it is a very large red sand.14034967_10158141019735206_3042448618623998117_n
You should be very careful on the north coast as when there is a maestrale wind the under currents can be very strong.

14045714_10158141069770206_7267546143207410744_nThere are rocky ares to each side and a track which leads up to the cliffs, we took a walk, there were some beautiful rock formations and great views.

There is also a beach bar and restaurant so it’s pretty well equipped for a small bay.

Ago 222016

SO we’ve all heard of a candy bar / sweet stall but if you’re getting married in scorching Italy, wouldn’t it be great to have a gelato bar? gelato van weddingWe’ve found some super cute traditional gelato buggies that would look really traditional and great in photos. Plus your guests will really appreciate the yummy and refreshing gelato.Gelateria-Carboni italian gelato

You could select flavours to suit your colour theme too. It’s a great way to keep your guests busy between the service and meal especially if you’ll be using this time to squeeze in photographs. 615f5ac9797cfd5f66a98ae34b9f9d96

If you don’t want guests to fill up in gelato it could be an alternative to a desert or even a wedding cake!

gelato bike wedding

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baby boy baptism favour crossWhat better way to celebrate a Baptism than with these elegant marble resin crucifixes featuring a bas-relief image of the Holy Family.

It comes complete with it’s own gift box and a favour pouch filled with a choice of dragees in pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Alternatively, we also sell this cross seperately should you wish to create your own personalised diy girl baptism favour cross crucifix

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As someone who doesn’t get time to watch much television, it’s rare that I’m excited to watch something new, even firm favourites like Grey’s Anatomy and Breaking Bad are distant memories. But I recently read about the aquital of Brendan Dassey, the nephew of Steven Avery. He was coerced by the police under interrogation into confessing to the murder.


The story is incredible, not least because Steven Avery has already spent 18 years in prison, he was wrongly convicted (despite having had an alibi) of rape and attempted murder and only released after new DNA evidence was matched to another man.

The docuseries was filmed over 10 years and exposes a massive amount of corruption in local law enforcement. Many people believe he was framed for the murder after he filed a $36 millon civil lawsuit against  Manitowoc County and several county officials associated with his arrest and conviction that he was exonerated from in 2003. He has potentialy spent 27 years in jail for crimes he didn’t comit.making a murderer steven avery

Read a more in depth story about steven Avery and Making a Murderer on wikipedia.


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We just love these breathtaking gowns by Alessandra Rinaudo, they are just perfect for your Italian wedding! With gorgeous detailing and cut outs to the rear, this Italian designer has created dresses that will really accentuate your features!


Super glamourous, these dresses would be ideal for a Rome or Vennice wedding against a backdrop of stunning architecture.

Follow Allesdra’s official facebook page.



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What do Italians love most about British people? The accent? The obsession with tea? No. The Royal Family.princess charlotte christening

I chat to people in Italian and obviously my accent is a big giveaway,

“Where are you from?” they ask

“England” I reply

“Ahhh (big smile) whereabouts?”

“Near Manchester” (most people have at least heard of Manchester United so they can relate slightly to it even if they have no idea where Manchester is. My mother in law refers to the whole of the uk as London).

“Oh” a lady replied the other day, “If only you’d said London, I’ve been to London, and Brighton”

“No, unfortunately I’m from the North of England”

“Oh, but what can you tell me about George?”

My face drops, my mind is blank, I search my brain for a George and all I can think of is my Nana’s dead crazy cocker Spaniel. “George?”

“Yes, you know, Prince George”

“Oh of course,” what can I say, my mind is still blank, “oh yes he’s adorable isn’t he!”


Everyone loves the Royal family in Italy, so it’s perfect when they meet a British person, surely they have some inside knowledge, next time I will have to say I studied with Kate and Wills at University!

For all the photos from Princess Charlotte’s Christening at Sandringham click here.


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We’ve got some amazing deals on at the moment on favour cakes for all ocassions…. wedding, baptism, anniversary, communion, favour cakes for children etc.

I just adore these carousel style rocking horses on the 38 slice favour cake. Complete with a choice of dragees and a huge 50% discount!

I just adore these carousel style rocking horses on the 38 slice favour cake. Complete with a choice of dragees and a huge 50% discount!

This tray containing 48 favour cones representa excellent value for money and is ideal for a Baptism or Christening party of a baby boy.

This tray containing 48 favour cones representa excellent value for money and is ideal for a Baptism or Christening party of a baby boy.


Stunning 38 slice favour cake ideal for a wedding or anniversary. HALF PRICE!

Stunning 38 slice favour cake ideal for a wedding or anniversary. NEARLY HALF PRICE!

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In an age of Internet messaging we write, we wait, we reply… or rather we don’t. Long gone are the days where I’d wait for my ‘friends’ to read my messages and see those little blue ticks or a seen note, they used to respond quickly and we’d chat but now I’m lucky if they even bother to read my messages.

By the way, I’m not the type to send endless nothingness messages that waste everyone’s time, I’m a busy working mum with 3 children.

A few weeks ago I’d messaged a friend, she replied etc, I replied, It was a paragraph of information, not just a one liner that you could read in a banner notification, I wasn’t really expecting a reply but more than a week later I noticed she still hadn’t read it. The same has happened with another friend, a week has passed and she too has chosen not to open my message.not reading messages

Is this common? Is it ok to ignore a friend, there could be something important in that message. To me, it means that they don’t want to hear from me, they have no time for me. They may argue that they’re busy and inundated but it only takes a few seconds to read a paragraph even if they don’t reply. Perhaps it’s common practice and I’m being too needy or maybe I should just join them!

If you want to avoid someone this article has a few tips on how to avoid sending the double blue tick!

Or if you are an absent minded person who simply clears the notification and forgets to read their messages, be more attentive!!! But to these people, It just makes me think of the Gotye and Kimbra song!

somebody that I used to know


Ago 162016

baby boy headphonesLast month I met lovely Marta, she was shopping for with her gorgeous baby boy Riccardo for his Baptism favours.

It was just a small party with 50 or so guests and she was happy to spend around 5euros per favour.

We have so many cute figurines and keepsakes for Baptisms and christenings that it’s hard to make a final decision. As Marta wandered round the shop our beautiful glass jars with ceramic lids caught her eye.

glass jar wedding favourI explained that at the BombonieraShop we are always ready to create a favour that is personalised for your needs. Although this is actually prepared for our wedding favour range we can easily change the colour of the ribbon and replace the heart for a dummy or bib magnet and use coloured sweets to make it more suitable for a child.

blue dummy magnetMarta also wanted the jar full of sweets rather than the standard 5 and chose Maxtris shades of blue and blue pearlised dragees. Yum yum! In the end we came up with this beautiful favour and all within budget. She even got an extra 10% discount. So if you’re looking for an extra special favour don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re available live on the chat, email or via telephone!

baby boy baptism favour jar


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Bougainvillea is a stunning Mediterranean plant. It comes in a range of bright colours, mainly: reds, pinks, purples and oranges. It flowers, with the right conditions, from spring right through to late autumn. When it’s in flower, you don’t see many leaves just a burst of colour from its delicate papery blooms.


Bougainvillea is great to use at weddings although be wary that once cut the stems will go droopy quite quickly and may need some support, if your preparing the flowers youself, have a mini test run. It’s also worth noting that there are thorns so be careful when cutting and arranging. As it tends to grow in such a sprawling big plant with hundreds of flowers if should be fairly cheap (or free) to use.

bougainvillea wedding flowersbougainvillea wedding flowers








Another great idea is to collect fallen bougainvillea flowers or pick them and allow them to dry slightly (too much and they will go brown) and use them as confetti. It would be a good idea to place them in baskets near the exit of your venue or give your guests small boxes or cones pre filled.

bogainvillea flower petal confettiYou’re also sure to get great photos, just look at this shoot by Lauren Barkume, so many great ideas for you to incorporate into your own wedding!

bougainvillea wedding photo