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So, when faced with a wheel barrow full of courgettes, a soup is always a great way to get rid of a lot in one go.courgette glut

The recipe I found was easy to make and I used to throw in cooked pasta, my young children really enjoyed it, well after a while my son did say “not courgette soup again!”

Basically this recipe was fried onion, garlic, courgettes (lots), some potatoes to thicken it a bit and veg stock. After cooking for about an hour I pureed then added a carton of cream, salt and pepper. It was a nice light soup and no complaints from the kids. When it’s 40c you don’t always feel like a bowl of steaming soup but you can always freeze it. I froze single portions in freezer bags so I could take them out one at a time.courgette soup

This year however, I’ve adapted the recipe a little and me and the kids really love it although we’ve not been mixing it with cooked pasta as it’s thicker. I know it’s not very Italian but they have been enjoying a sandwich and soup lately!

For this soup I used 3 sticks of cellery, 2 onions, lots of courgettes, carrots and potatoes. I lightly fried the onion, cellery and courgettes, then added veg stock with the carrots and potatoes. After cooking for about an hour I pureed it all.

courgette and carrot soupMy children aren’t great with veggies so I find soup is a great way to get them eating more and more varied vegetables. In fact my youngest (Rafi is nearly 2) asked for second helpings and my eldest (Luca is 6) asked when we were having the lovely soup again! Compliments all round. Brava Mamma!

More courgette ideas coming soon!!!

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