un giorno ricco di novità..

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Ott 062017

Oggi è un grande giorno.. siamo in partenza per la fiera Vebo 2017 a Napoli..

un evento molto importante per il nostro settore..

tante novità esclusivamente per voi per l’anno 2018!!

Chissà cosa ci aspetterà.. ancora il viaggio è lungo.. ma la curiosità è veramente tanta..

Non ci resta che affrontare questa giornata e…

vi faremo sapere lunedì..


Videotutorial scatolina portaconfetti ciclista

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Apr 272017

Buongiorno, oggi Francesca dello staff di bombonierashop.com, ci insegna come confezionare in proprio una bellissima bomboniera adatta alla Prima Comunione, un pratico portaconfetti soggetto ciclista, simpatico e molto economico. Qui puoi trovare l’oggetto mensionato nel videotutorial. Ti auguriamo una buona visione.



Bomboniere Smile Confezionate Confetti e Nastri a Scelta

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Apr 222017

Un saluto a tutti voi da Sassari con un sole splendente che invita ad andare al mare ……….. ma ancora la temperatura non lo permette, anche a Empoli dove abbiamo la produzione e vendita mi dicono che è una bella giornata di sole. il fine settimana è già iniziato per tanti “Beati coloro che possono prendersi i due giorni” Noi no, siamo della categoria che lavoriamo anche il sabato anzi, il sabato spesso è giornata di lavoro super, meglio così.  Ok previsioni meteo terminate, veniamo alla proposta di oggi.

Questa stagione novità adatta a molte cerimonie: Battesimo, Comunione, Compleanno, etc………. sono gli smile faccine con emotion assortite, confezionate su misura per la vostra cerimonia, possono essere usati come applicazione su scatoline, sacchettini portaconfetti ed oggettistica. Prezzo davvero conveniente, originali e facili da usare. Questo il reparto del fai da te e qui trovi alcune soluzioni proposte, ti ricordiamo che i confetti e nastri possono essere scelti a piacere. Un buon fine settimana da tutto il nostro Staff BombonieraShop.com

Idee bomboniere Nozze Oro

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Apr 182017

Festeggiare il vostro 50° anniversario di matrimonio in maniera sobria, evitando eccessi ma senza rinunciare a niente si può. Basta organizzare in tempo la propria cerimonia magari con l’aiuto di figli e nipoti. Online puoi trovare di tutto un po risparmiando senza rinunciare alla qualità. Passare una splendida giornata insieme ai vostri parenti ed amici, nipotini e quant’altro di caro vogliate avere vicino a voi in questo giorno speciale che segna un importante traguardo del vostro progetto di vita.  Noi di BombonieraShop.com possiamo aiutarti proponendoti articoli di bomboniere fai da te o confezionate per Nozze oro, vasta scelta a prezzi davvero convenienti. Vieni a vedere il nostro reparto, ti aspettiamo.


Una Splendida Bomboniere con Miele

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Apr 122017

Oggi vi proponiamo una bellissima bomboniera alimentare confezionabile versione bimba e bimbo, nastri e confetti a scelta inclusi nel prezzo. La bomboniera è composta da una bellissima casetta in cartoncino, con all’interno vasetto miele gusti assortiti. La decorazione esterna è effettuata con nastri e confetti a scelta più pratico spargimiele in legno. Novità 2017 per la tua bomboniera battesimo o nascita. Vieni a vederne il prezzo davvero interessante.


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Set 222016

Lets just step back in time, just a little bit. To two years ago when after being together for over 8 years they finally said “I do” They opted for a private ceremony at their estate in the south of France which centered around their children. (they had written the vows for their parents and drawn designs all over Angelina’s veil).


Married in a satin Atelier Versace gown, it was simple and sophisticated. So what went wrong? Where do all the allegations of infedelity, drinking and pot smoking come from. Aren’t they Hollywood’s golden couple?angelina-jolie-and-brad-pitt_

Could it be true that karma is coming back round and biting Angelina on the butt! She always said they never went behind Jen’s back when they met and fell in love on the Mr and Mrs Smith set but now rumours are rife that Pitt and his co star Marion Cotillard have done it again although both have fiercely denied the allegations.tumblr_nbc95oi9u41ry5ul7o1_500

The truth will come out in time but hopefully for the children’s sake it all ends peacefully.slider_pitt_jolie




Sardinia in Autumn

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Set 172016

La Caletta, Carloforte. A small island off the south of Sardinia

Autumn is one of the best times of year to visit Sardinia. The summer months of July and August see packed out beaches and droves of tourists everywhere. In August, most Sardinians are on holiday themselves to you’ll find that lots of regular shops in the main towns are closed. Seasonal staff by August are tired, impatient and ready for the season to end in September.

cala goloritzè

Cala Goloritzè, Nuoro, East Sardinia

It’s also reknown for being expensive, although prices do spike in mid summer it’s somewhat of a myth, of course the Costa Smerelda is popular with millionare golfers who own a few yachts there is an abundance of self caterering accomadation on airbnb and if you understand Italian, subito.it is a great site to check and prices are very reasonable.

So visiting outside of these months makes a huge amount of sense. Not only can July and August be stiffling hot during the day but the nights can be airless too so be sure to get aircon if you do hit it in peak season.cagliari-flag-festival


Discover the tradtion and dance of Sardinian Mamuthones.

I’ve always found it quite bizarre that so many hotels and restaurants completely close up in mid September, especially when the weather is still generally warm enough for the beach, September tends to be in the late 20c, but can often be warmer and if it’s a good year temperates can sit around 25c through to November.

Even the best beaches are empty but you’re likely to see the locals with their boots and coats on. Small bays (Sardinia is full of them) remain calm and with warm crystaline waters. Autumn also sees the start of lots of festivals and fayres so you can really get to see some genuine local traditions. Visit SardegnaTurismo to see what’s going on.

Ago 262016

minnie mouse disney favourDisney favours are timeless classics, loved by children and adults alike. They’re a great idea for births, Baptisms, Christenings and even birthdays or baby showers. They come on colour coordingating favour rosettes filled with a selection of luxury Italian dragees.


The great thing aMicky mouse disney favourbout these cute figurines is that, unlike many favours, they won’t get thrown away or shoved in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again. I think this is one of the most important things when choosing favours. No one wants to waste money buying a cheap favour just for the sake of giving favours.


Minnie, Micky, Donald and Daisy are some of the most recognisable characters in the world. If you prefer to make your own favours, we sell these cute figurines seperately, you can easily team them with a favour box or favour bag of your choice to make diy favours.

donald duck disney favour daisy duck disney favour

Double Blue Tick…

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Ago 172016

In an age of Internet messaging we write, we wait, we reply… or rather we don’t. Long gone are the days where I’d wait for my ‘friends’ to read my messages and see those little blue ticks or a seen note, they used to respond quickly and we’d chat but now I’m lucky if they even bother to read my messages.

By the way, I’m not the type to send endless nothingness messages that waste everyone’s time, I’m a busy working mum with 3 children.

A few weeks ago I’d messaged a friend, she replied etc, I replied, It was a paragraph of information, not just a one liner that you could read in a banner notification, I wasn’t really expecting a reply but more than a week later I noticed she still hadn’t read it. The same has happened with another friend, a week has passed and she too has chosen not to open my message.not reading messages

Is this common? Is it ok to ignore a friend, there could be something important in that message. To me, it means that they don’t want to hear from me, they have no time for me. They may argue that they’re busy and inundated but it only takes a few seconds to read a paragraph even if they don’t reply. Perhaps it’s common practice and I’m being too needy or maybe I should just join them!

If you want to avoid someone this article has a few tips on how to avoid sending the double blue tick!

Or if you are an absent minded person who simply clears the notification and forgets to read their messages, be more attentive!!! But to these people, It just makes me think of the Gotye and Kimbra song!

somebody that I used to know


Dress of the week

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Lug 212016

If you’re marrying an Italian or getting married in Italy then you might be looking for a quintessential Italian wedding dress. We think we’ve found just that dress.bianca amelia sposa wedding dress

We’ve fallen head over heals for Bianca, this stunning Chantilly lace dress with Venice lace appliques features a crystal beaded belt.

This dress really emphasises the feminine silhouette and has a sensual open back which is accentuated with the fine lace detail and crystal belt which carries on down the train.

amelia sposa wedding dress bianca rear back

Amelia Sposa is a family business run by Amelia and her 2 children who oversee a small team of designers. Amelia, from Potenza in the South of Italy, started working as a seamstress with a passion for design and tailoring in 1983 and for for more than 30 years has been working with the aim to create brides who glow through the dresses they wear on their special day.

AmeliaSposa have a wonderful collection of dresses which can be ordered online and shipped worldwide.