Dic 262017

Salve a tutti.. siete anche voi strapieni dei dolci avanzati per le feste?

ecco qua una ricetta per non buttare il torrone..


  • 300 ml di panna
  • 3 uova
  • 60 gr di zucchero
  • 300 gr di torrone

Montare la panna e a parte gli albumi a neve e il tuorlo con lo zucchero.

Aggiungere il torrone sbriciolato, gli albumi e la panna.

Riempire con il composto degli stampini e far riposare in frixer per 3-4 ore.


Mousse al pistacchio

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Dic 102017

salve a tutti ecco a voi una buonissima ricetta

ingredienti per la base:

  • 300 gr di biscotti
  • 120 gr di burro

per la mousse:

  • 90 gr di pasta di pistacchi
  • 210 gr di zucchero
  • 220 gr di panna fresca
  • 6 gr di gelatina
  • 4 uova
  • latte qb

sbriciola i biscotti nel mixer e unisci il burro fuso..

mettere in frigo per 1 ora l’impasto in una teglia con carta forno

montare i tuorli con lo zucchero ed aggiungere  la gelatina a sciolta nel latte..

unire la pasta di pistacchio e mescola.

Montare in due ciotole separate albumi e panna ed unire il tutto alla pasta di pistacchio.

Mettere la mousse sopra la base biscottata e lasciare in frigo per 5 ore

Planning Christmas craft projects…. in July

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Lug 202016

Last week, I bought my first Christmas presents!!! I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever bought a present before October and even that seemed organised. SO, I also started thinking about making christmas decorations. I tend to leave it to the last minute and then never have time to make anything nice so I’m preparing now!

christmas hanging branch

So, things I really love are painted branches instead of trees. I hate artificial trees. 2 years ago I made a tree out of dried branches and tied them onto a small trunk. I then sprayed it all white. As I’d built it outside I didn’t realise just how big it was, luckily we have a big house but afterwards I had nowhere to store it. It was too wide and delicate to get up in the attic and  dragged through small doorways so I will have to bear this in mind this year. When I find the picture I will post it with a more detailed explanation of how I made it.

I really love driftwood branches hung on the wall and decorated, as I don’t live very close to the sea I have been looking for aged olive branches. I found some last year but they weren’t quite the right shape. When I peeled the bark off they had beautiful colourings underneath.

tissue pom pomsSomething else I really love are tissue pom poms and I found this really great tutorial on how to make them. I looks super easy. My house has really high ceilings so I’d love to get some really big pom poms hung from the ceiling in gold, white and beige colours. They also look great on this branch though!Wall-Mounted-Advent-Calendar-1


These pom poms also make really cute decorations in kids rooms. Pom poms are really easy to make and you don’t just have to use tissue paper,

I remember making small wool ones when I was little, I’ve seem really pretty ones made with old jersey tshirts too. Talking of pom poms, you could buy mini ones and decorate pine cones! I live close to a pine forest so I’m always trying to find pine cone craft ideas!

pom pom pine cones

I’d really love to make an advent calender for my children and think making a christmas tree shape and attaching little favour bags would be a pretty easy solution as the bag would have anough space for treats for each of my 3 children. BombonieraShop has some cute jute favour bags which would work great for this idea! Maybe I can find some pre cut felt numbers to glue on! I’ll be back soon (hopefully) with progress!