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Salve a tutti.. ecco per voi una novità fresca da poco tempo disponibile sullo shop.. i marshmallow

Il barattolo contieni circa 500 gr quindi 60 pezzi.. misti a treccia e a sfera al gusto di panna e frutta..

un’idea esclusiva per allestire il tuo candy bar.. i tuoi ospiti rimarranno sicuramente colpiti da questi buonissimi marshmallow!!

e voi cosa ne pensate?

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So, you’ve decided on a candy bar, what next, where to start? There are so many great ideas, you’ve probably been through pinterest gaining inspiration already but there are a few things you need to think about before the little details.
candy bar baby girl baptism christening baby shower

Who is this candy bar for and is it going to be colour themed? A pink baby shower candy bar, and elegant and classic white display for a wedding, a bright and colour popping chrildren’s party? wedding candy bar children's party

What type of candy do you want? This is important because it will determine the kind of containers, bowls, vases, stands etc. that you will need.candy bar

How many people are coming to the party, make sure you calculate enough candy for everyone.

How will they pick the candy up? Spoons, tongues, scoops?wedding_candy_bar_48

bags for a candy barHow will they take their candy home? small boxes or bags (paper or fabric?)

How will you label the candy? Or will you use labels at all?

So a few things to keep you busy. But if you’re looking for stunning jars and vases like the ones shown above, we’ve got some great selections. Take a look!

Blown glass jar with heart lid

Blown glass jar with heart lid

Tall and elegant glass jar with lid

Tall and elegant glass jar with lid

Large round elegant glass jar with lid

Large round elegant glass jar with lid

Create some height with an elegant glass stand.

Create some height with an elegant glass stand.

Golden wedding anniversary

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A golden wedding anniversary is a very special anniversary and reaching 50 years of Matrimony is no mean feat so if you’re lucky enough to have spent 50 loving years with someone then it’s definitely something to celebrate.golden candy bar

So to thank all your lovely family and friends for coming to share in your celebration why not give everyone a special keepsake for them to remember this special date they enjoyed with you for many years to come. 50th wedding anniversary

At the BombonieraShop we have a huge range of favours for all occassions and a very special selection especially for wedding anniversaries. For example, this stunning crystal favour is truely elegant and sophisticated, two crystal hearts encrusted with rhinestones and decorated with 2 gold rings comes presented on a traditional Italian favour rosette flower pouch which holds dragees in its petals. It’s a wonderfully timeless keepsake that your guests will treasure forever.golden wedding anniversary favour

And to finish your party why not go to town with a stunning gold themed candy bar, choose from our selection of gold coloured dragees combined with white and gold foiled chocolates. Browse through our selection of dragees for candy bars.

golden chocolate dragees


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When we think of Italy probably the first things that spring to mind are olives and luckily olive trees are a beautiful shade of green with long slim and elegant leaves. Probably the best thing about them is that they’re so easily accessible and therefore cheap or even free to use for decorating your wedding. Here are our favourite ideas for decorating your Italian garden party wedding.

olive italian wedding invitation

It all starts with your invites, be sure to set the theme from the very beginning, it will help you stay focused and be easier to gather ideas if you set your mind on a theme. We really love these elegant olive branch invitations, Why not find a local graphic designer who can create something completely personal for you from the type of paper they’re printed on down to colour coordinating envelopes and quirky rsvps.


olive italian garden wedding cakeThis cake just screams sophistication, olive green and bright white is a super stylish combination and the great thing is, it goes so well with any colour choice of flowers and looks very organic. I think it’s a great idea if you’re having an outside reception. Dressing your cake with real flowers also costs less than time consuming intricate cake decorations.


italian wedding table decorationWe really love the way these place settings have been created. Simple twine, available from diy shops, wrapped around bright white napkins and finished with an olive sprig. Everything has been kept super simple, plain white candles in glass jars and a vase of olive branches. You could throw in a few small white flowers to finish it off.


prosecco mojito cocktailsDon’t forget matching drinks, what about this great twist on the classic mojito? Prosecco cocktails. Nothing beats a thirst quenching drink like this in the hot Italian sun. You can find the full recipe for this fresh cocktail on

italian wedding decor chair olive leaves branchesFinally, dress your chairs or other items at the reception, perhaps an arch for saying your vows in front of. Use olive leaves as organic confetti. This antique style wedding, set in Tuscany has even more pretty ideas. Or how about an olive  leaf crown like this beautiful bride has at her wedding.

Bougainvillea Wedding

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Bougainvillea is a stunning Mediterranean plant. It comes in a range of bright colours, mainly: reds, pinks, purples and oranges. It flowers, with the right conditions, from spring right through to late autumn. When it’s in flower, you don’t see many leaves just a burst of colour from its delicate papery blooms.


Bougainvillea is great to use at weddings although be wary that once cut the stems will go droopy quite quickly and may need some support, if your preparing the flowers youself, have a mini test run. It’s also worth noting that there are thorns so be careful when cutting and arranging. As it tends to grow in such a sprawling big plant with hundreds of flowers if should be fairly cheap (or free) to use.

bougainvillea wedding flowersbougainvillea wedding flowers








Another great idea is to collect fallen bougainvillea flowers or pick them and allow them to dry slightly (too much and they will go brown) and use them as confetti. It would be a good idea to place them in baskets near the exit of your venue or give your guests small boxes or cones pre filled.

bogainvillea flower petal confettiYou’re also sure to get great photos, just look at this shoot by Lauren Barkume, so many great ideas for you to incorporate into your own wedding!

bougainvillea wedding photo

Italian Wedding Cars

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If you’re looking for wedding cars for your Italian wedding then what could be cuter than a white fiat 500? We love this fantatsic shot by David Burton taken for Elle Sposa.

Italian wedding by David Burton

piaggo ape wedding tuc tucLuckily Italy has made some pretty special classic cars so if the 500 isn’t for you, don’t worry, we’ve got a few more options. You could go all quirky in a converted Piaggio Ape, tuc tuc style or the fiat multipla. There’s the lesser known fiat Topolino, a small car meaning “little mouse.”

fiat topolino 500 B
alpha romeo spider wedding car
lancia agusta wedding carThe Lancia Agusta is a beautiful Italian classic car as is the Alpha Romeo Spider. Other popular wedding cars are vintage VW Beetles, Rolls -Royce, Jaguars and Mercedes.

I recommend using to search by region to see what cars are available in your chosen area. Of course, if you’re getting married in a small town you could always ask the locals if anyone has a car they could lend you.

But what’s a popular wedding car where I live… well, obviously an old British taxi! What could be better in the middle of the Sardinian countryside?

Italian Wedding Cakes! Eat your Heart out!

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So you’ve sorted out the venue, the dress, the menu but what about the cake? Where do you start? If you’re using a wedding planner then they are bound to have a list of recommendations but if you’re going it alone it might get difficult.

italian wedding cake with fruit

If you’ve chosen quite a large a hotel, they will have a pastry chef and be able to prepare your cake but otherwise you’ll have to start visiting local pasticcerias, many will have a little portfolio of wedding cakes they’ve made. These will be more traditional Italian wedding cakes which are generally sponge based with pastry cream and decorated in whipped cream and often fresh fruit. They are generally very reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for a more modern tiered wedding cake, perhaps what we’re used to in the UK and USA then don’t worry, you can find cake decoraters in Italy too, the larger the city, the easier it will be.

Florence CakesIn Tuscany, Melanie Secciani has a stunning portfolio of wedding cakes. Prices range from 9.25-20 euros per person and they are all made to order. False layers can be added or extra single layer cakes can be added to make up for larger ceremonies to help keep the cost down. It’s worth getting in touch with Melanie with your requests and eventually make an appointment at her bakery in Florence.


Italian Wedding flowers

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n_decorazioni-floreali-002-1If you’re getting married in Italy, before you set your heart on a certain flower you should speak to your wedding planner or visit a florist to see what will be available at that time of year. If you don’t speak a lot of Italian, take a scap book or a a tablet with all your ideas. I was disappointed to find out that lots of the flowers I thought I’d be able to have simply weren’t available in Sardinia in September.

In the end my flowers were disappointing for the price we paid so it’s definitely worth shopping around and asking to see their portfolio (if they have one!). Obviously if you have a wedding planning you can trust their choice of florist.italian_wedding_flower_design(31)

In the end I had to have a bouquet of roses as I was told peonies wouldn’t be available. I bought heart shaped wreaths from England which the florist decorated with gypsophila for the church pews. It’s worth bearing in mind, if you get married in a small town, florists might be a bit stuck in a rut and in need of some inspiration! Luckily mine was open to trying new things!gypsophila heart wreath

I also had to buy the vases for the reception. The bouquets were wrapped in tinfoil (don’t laugh) Sometimes in Italy the unexplainable happens. It’s best paying a professional or just go with the flow and don’t get hung up on these things!

For wedding accessories, ribbons, vases, rosettes for your cars etc. Have a look on our site for ideas!



Wedding Props

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Most people want their wedding to have an extra special touch that their guests will remember and will look great in photographs. Flowers and balloons just don’t cut it anymore!

paper lanternsFrom a photo booth, to large ornate frames, different props, illuminated trees, large lit letters, paper lanterns, candle holder lanterns and origami all add a special orriginal touch to your day.






Some props and decorations are cheap or easy to make yourself where as other larger items are best left to the professionals and hired out for your ceremony. Larger items, will need picking up or dropping off so are best sourced locally.

If you’re looking for something really special, then huge LOVE letters by Gigantic Divine Lights are perfect. They’ll look great lighting up the dancefloor and your guests can even pose inside the letter. Based in Lincoln, this small company was set up by Elizabeth Mann, a Central Saint Martins design graduate. When she couldn’t find what she wanted for her own wedding, she set about making it herself. She now has a full collection of letters and symbols in 2 different sizes and her range has now expanded to include huge 8ft LED blossom trees.

gigantic love letters

Have you used any of the ideas I’ve mentioned? Please send me your photos and I’ll feature them in an article.