Traditional Italian Organza racket favour

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Giu 302016

Organza racket sugared almond holder

If you’ve been searching for Italian wedding favours you’ve probably come across one of these.

Known as ‘racchette’ in Italian which literally means rackets. They are made of organza with a fine wire, they come in a range of colours and can be used simply as a decoration or you can place sugared almonds inside and twist to create an arrangement like the one shown here.

You could decorate with embellishments, other flower decorations or ribbon.

They are very economical and so easy to create, no one will know such a pretty and elegant favour cost so little!!!

We have yellow, white, ecru, pink and green. Take your pick!



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Giu 302016

We want to say a huge congratulations to our lovely customers Alice and Francesco who got married on Saturday. And look at their beautiful favours! Alice and a few of her friends made them using our DIY favour accessories. We think she’s done an amazing job. BRAVA!
Hand made diy Italian favoursIf you’d like to make favours like the ones shown here by Alice, I’ve included links to all the pieces required.

Favour bags

Net ribbon

Organza ribbon

Heart application

Butterfly application

Flower application



Giu 302016

Since I moved to Sardinia, one of my biggest worries is that I can’t cook as well an Italian or that people think I can’t cook well because I’m English.

At home we mainly eat Italian meals and I don’t think I’m a terrible cook (even if I do say so myself).

My favourite Italian meal is Melanzane alla Parmigiana, it’s something I nearly always cook if we have guests. And I’m always complimented for it! The great thing about it is that it tastes so much better prepared in advance. I definitely would not recommend making this on the day, apart from the fact that you need quite a bit of time but the flavours just infuse into the aubergines if you let it stand for a good 24hrs.

There are a few variations, the aubergines can be dipped in breadcrumbs or flour or left plain before cooking. I find in breadcrumbs it becomes too heavy and plain doesn’t hold together as well.


As I’m coeliac I dip the sliced aubergines in flour, breadcrumbs don’t hold well, I have had good results with Schär and Glutafin products.

The key to success though is definitely going to be your tomato sauce. I’ve seen lot’s of people add carrot and celery but for me the carrot makes it too sweet, I like adding celery but I don’t want a very lumpy sauce nor do I want to puree it down so I just use onion, garlic, white wine, salt, pepper and basil. The most important thing I’ve learnt about Italian cooking is getting the onion perfect. They should be cooked on a low heat in olive oil until they become transparent, if some pieces are still white they’re not cooked, add crushed garlic, as soon as it’s cooked throw your wine in, reduce, then add chopped tomatoes (add the same amount of water), don’t use cheap tinned tomatoes, they’re full of unripe hard bits. I add my seasoning and torn up basil and allow to simmer for about an hour adding water when necessary. It should be fairly thick but not too dry.

After dipping the aubergines in flour you can either brush with oil and cook in the oven or fry. I prefer to fry (only because I tend to get distracted and burn them in the oven!).

As for cheese this is a personal choice, I use pasta filata (a stretched-curd cheese) which isn’t too strong and melts well, you could use a pizza mozzarella (bags of mozzarella are too wet) in the uk a mild cheddar would also be fine.

You then layer the aubergines, cheese and sauce, I line my dish with sauce, then aubergine-sauce-cheese and repeat. On the final layer you should replace the cheese you’ve been using for a generous helping of Parmesan. Bake in the oven for roughly 40 mins, you may want to cover with foil and then remove and allow the cheese to turn golden brown in the last 15 minutes.

Serve with fresh bread and a great red wine!!!

Buon appetito

Traditional or typical Italian Favours

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Giu 292016

Here at Bombonierashop we’re racking our brains for some fresh new ideas for favours. We’d love to hear your suggestions.

limoncello favourolive-oil-wedding-favors-contemporary-design-12-on-home-gallery-design-ideas

wine favourAre you already married? What was your favour?

Are you getting married? What are your favour ideas so far?

So far we’ve thought of small bottles of wine, liqueurs (mirto and limoncello, grappa, passito, alchermes) with personalised labels. Cantuccini, honey, oil and coffee.

What do you think? Are these the kind of Italian favours you’d like? So far we love these test tubes of coffee!!! Have a look in our store at our DIY test tubes and make your own!


Italian Wedding Meal

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Giu 292016

4 0027Italian weddings are typically very long winded with lots and lots of food. As my husband is a restuarant manager in a large hotel he tells me about all the courses from the wedding meals. The latest was:

Appetizers – cold meats, cheeses, olives, dried sausage etc with aperitif (typically campari)

Starters: Soup then risotto then pasta

Main courses: (yes there was more than one!) Fish then suckling pig, served with vegetables.

confettiDeserts: Cake, sorbet and ice cream, pastries, wedding cake, coffee and biscuits, wedding cake and digestif (often limoncello or mirto but depends on regional specialities) Don’t forget to include a candy bar (An Italian version is generally a selection of flavoured chocolate almonds in glass bowls).

Of course, this is a lot of food and it’s a shame that most people can’t manage so much so it will all get thrown away.

I gave my guests appetizers then a choice of Sardinian gnochetti or risotto (as I’m coeliac) then sea bass or chicken, Seadas (a Sardinian desert) or fruit salad, wedding cake and coffee. I personally don’t like being overfaced with food but obviously you could space your courses out so everyone has time to eat it all!!!

Buon Appetito!

Preparing your own big fat Italian Wedding

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Giu 282016

Are you marrying into an Italian family? Or are you already married? We’d love to hear from you. Hopefully we can help you with your arrangements or answer any questions you have.
My name’s Charlotte and I live in Sardinia with my Sardinian husband and our 3 bilingual children. I’ve lived here (in the north between Sassari and Olbia) for 7 years.

When I was planning my wedding I hardly spoke any Italian so my half interested husband translated for me. I wouldn’t say it was exactly how I intended but it was quaint. I did a lot myself. Invitations, favours, place settings. If only I’d found Bombonierashop then!italian-mother-groom-1

My mother in law wasn’t much help, until when I arrived at the church, she insisted that traditionally the bride enters the church followed by the groom and his mother! So what could I do, in I went, followed by my mother in law proudly presenting her son. Afterwards my husband’s friends said, but the bride should enter last…….

SO, word of warning, don’t be fooled,

Favour boxes for children

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Giu 252016

We’ve fallen in love with our new range of favour boxes for baby boys and girls! They make ideal favours for births, baby showers, Baptisms and Christenings. But I can’t wait to use them as a cute alternative to a party bag for my little boy’s birthday party!!!!

From hot air balloons, to bears, rabbits, little houses and hearts. There’s something for everyone! Pop 5 sugared almonds in or, if it’s for a birthday party, put their favourite sweets in!

All of these boxes can be pre filled with a choice of sweets and decorated or for a DIY project.favour boxes for baby boys and girls

Coccarda – Rosette

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Giu 252016

These pretty flaming flower shaped rosettes are actually favour pouches. They come in a range of shades and also in more traditional styles, white cutwork and glittery gold and silver. Ideal for a silver or gold wedding anniversary.Favour pouch rosettes

You can buy this clever ribbon by the meter and need 40-50cm per rosette. They are simple to create yourself, add sugared almonds to alternate petals and pull the drawstrings closed. Your guests can easily pop the sweets out without spoiling the form of the rosette.

They can be decorated with a ribbon bow, pearls or flowers or you could glue your favour (if it’s not too large) to the centre. A small figurine, magnet, keyring or brooch would look great.

Alternatively, if you have larger favours, they could be placed together inside the gift box. Do you want elegant place holders. Why not add a cute name tag. They will look great decorating the tables at the reception.

“Piazza di Spagna” favour range

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Giu 232016

This is a wonderful collection of favours which allows you to give all your guests matching favours but with the opportunity to give something bigger and a little bit more special for closer family members.

Piazza di Spagna wedding favours

Traditionally you should give a more important favour to your parents, god parents and witnesses.

This range starts with a small figurine which could be placed inside or on top of a favour box (don’t forget the 5 sugared almonds or sweets) or would also look beautiful presented on a rosette favour pouch.

There are 3 larger statuettes and 2 different mantle clocks all with an embracing lovers theme. Classic white and artisan crafted in Italy. These really are very special favours that your guests will adore.

Economical hand finished Italian favours

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Giu 222016

If you’re looking for an economical favour and you just don’t have time to do it yourself, then this is a fantatsic option.lantern favour box with organza ribbon

This gorgeous lantern favour box is decorated with organza ribbon and a pretty rose. We can change the colours or style of ribbon on request. The box is filled with 5 sugared almonds or sweets – also available in a choice of colours. The window has a plastic film so don’t worry, the sweets won’t fall out.

All our favours are created in our Tuscan workshop and can be shipped around the world.

If you love this favour box but want to do it yourself then you can find all the materials in our DIY department!