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Salve a tutti.. ecco per voi una novità fresca da poco tempo disponibile sullo shop.. i marshmallow

Il barattolo contieni circa 500 gr quindi 60 pezzi.. misti a treccia e a sfera al gusto di panna e frutta..

un’idea esclusiva per allestire il tuo candy bar.. i tuoi ospiti rimarranno sicuramente colpiti da questi buonissimi marshmallow!!

e voi cosa ne pensate?

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So, you’ve decided on a candy bar, what next, where to start? There are so many great ideas, you’ve probably been through pinterest gaining inspiration already but there are a few things you need to think about before the little details.
candy bar baby girl baptism christening baby shower

Who is this candy bar for and is it going to be colour themed? A pink baby shower candy bar, and elegant and classic white display for a wedding, a bright and colour popping chrildren’s party? wedding candy bar children's party

What type of candy do you want? This is important because it will determine the kind of containers, bowls, vases, stands etc. that you will need.candy bar

How many people are coming to the party, make sure you calculate enough candy for everyone.

How will they pick the candy up? Spoons, tongues, scoops?wedding_candy_bar_48

bags for a candy barHow will they take their candy home? small boxes or bags (paper or fabric?)

How will you label the candy? Or will you use labels at all?

So a few things to keep you busy. But if you’re looking for stunning jars and vases like the ones shown above, we’ve got some great selections. Take a look!

Blown glass jar with heart lid

Blown glass jar with heart lid

Tall and elegant glass jar with lid

Tall and elegant glass jar with lid

Large round elegant glass jar with lid

Large round elegant glass jar with lid

Create some height with an elegant glass stand.

Create some height with an elegant glass stand.

Candy Display

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SO, you might have noticed that a candy stand is a hot trend right now for your party and we want to show you how to do it in true Italian style. Obviously only with the best Italian confectionary on the market. Think super sleek fashion show and you’re getting the idea.

At BombonieraShop we only stock Maxtris, a brand renowned for high quality sweets, artisan crafted in the south of Italy. From white sugar coated flavoured chocolate almonds (nutella, tiramisu, watermelon and mojito to name but a few), to pearlised chocolate hazelnuts to sweet chocolate nuts that pop with colour – great for children.

Candy bar for a wedding or party

You’re guests will be wowed with these amazing sweets, too good to resist and you’ll be able to maintain an elegant look for your event.